Dana Chiles owns, or is part owner, of many disreputable Real Estate companies. My friend's family were recently evicted from their apartment on some technicallity by this guy and his attorney (he employs several).

We did some research on him and I am amazed the state hasn't stopped this guy doing business and ruining people's lives.

I will certainly attend the closing mentioned by another complainer to this site. I have papers to serve. His website gives an address in Easton at which nobody works and the telephone number isn't answered at all.

Watch out, this man and his company are not to be trusted.

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CALL LIZ 978-727-0970

Taunton, Massachusetts, United States #606399

I will say only this..... if i were these people writing negatively about Dana Chiles, I would remain anonymous too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Be careful what you wish for!!!!!" He is famous for saying "Please don't poke the tiger" and he is actually someone who means it. Trust me.

Speaking from experience. Good luck with that.......

to Anonymous For A Reason #804587

whose typing? Dana or Mike?

My advice to you don't poke the tiger. Karma's a ***.

to Anonymous For A Reason #1313904

He is finally getting what he deserves. He is all talk

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #584668

I worked for Dana Chiles and after 7 weeks of not getting paid I had to quite and retain and attorney to get paid. Every week it was excuse and excuse.

I was constantly lied to him and by Liz who works in his Easton office.

Do not do business with this company. Also uses the names, Chiles Holdings, Black Baron, Claridge Corp and many others.

to Anonymous Rockland, Massachusetts, United States #585574

When did you last work for him & his company, what properties were you contracted for & did your lawyer get money out of him


There is a Melo family that lives on that street they are no relation just happened to buy a house off of him. His last name is Chiles, his address is 3 Equestrian Way. The buzzer system listed Melo is for the real Melos his is listed under Chiles.


3 equestrian way berkley ma goes by last name Melo

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